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Product Sourcing

Still worrying about sourcing from China? We help you to reduce risk, control quality, meet all relevant regulatory requirements and all your Quality Control Inspection Needs. Characterized by one stop procurement services, Globaljoy enables you to source amazing products from China in an unexpected way.

Your trusted sourcing partner in China

After getting your query our sourcing agent, who has been sourcing for 15 years, will source the right manufacturer for you from our supplier chain channels.

Our sourcing service is free until whenever you select the ideal supplier for your product. You also get personalized and tailored services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, product development negotiation, factory audit, samples consolidate, mixed containers, customs clearance, freight handling and more. We will assist you to ensure that you purchase the right products at the best prices on the market.

Lower Costs

Our persuasive sales representative will bargain on your behalf to ensure the best quality at the lowest cost. Globaljoy helps you to cut off costs, enjoy professional procurement services, surely at the best prices, and gain great benefits from China.

Lower Risk

Sourcing directly from online suppliers is not only time-consuming, but can also be a cumbersome and risky task. Fortunately, Globaljoy helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences together with technological means, and interconnects you with reliable suppliers.

More Resources

It's never easy to find the right supplier. However, by utilizing tactical local sourcing strategies and working with factories and industry alliances in China, Globaljoy is skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and has abundant access to high-quality sourcing resources, that allow us to connect with millions of products manufactured in China and ensure product quality.

Barrier Free

People often see increasing opportunities for sourcing in China, but overlook the fact that time differences, cultural differences and language can be barriers. But now you can rest easy because Globaljoy will definitely save you from this "heavy lifting". We will reduce miscommunication, follow up on domestic information, and facilitate productivity.

Flexible & Customized

Featured as an innovative and flexible partner, Globaljoy offers customized sourcing services including, but not limited to, sample sourcing, quality inspections, MOQ and mold fee inquiries, pick-ups, assisting in customs clearance and duties reduction. Our experienced staff is able to fully understand and address your specific needs.


Globaljoy integrates the best logistics methods in China to ensure that you can get the best logistics prices and the most stable logistics timeliness, which can be EXW(Ex Works), FOB or CIF terms (terms depend on you).


Inspection Services

Factory Audit

Know your needs

Globaljoy will help you find the best factories in China, guarantee the quality of your products, and ensure that you are doing business with quality Chinese suppliers. You never have to worry about communicating with Chinese factories again, Globaljoy can communicate with them on your behalf to get the most for you.

Acceptance Sampling

Fullfil your needs

Once we have found your ideal supplier, we will communicate your product specifications and monitor sample production. When the samples are ready, we will send them to you. After confirming that you are completely satisfied with the sample, we will confirm with the supplier that your product is ready for launch.

Quality Control

Ensure the quality

Globaljoy will ensure that your products are of the very best quality. We offer professional quality control processes such as detailed photography of your product, video product inspection and, if you prefer, on-Site factory inspection by our staff.


Sourcing Services Prices

No upfront fee is charged when we start the sourcing services, we only charge when you are satisfied everything with us from sourcing, quotation, order following and shipping. We are committed to sourcing quality products at the lowest possible cost through a completely transparent process.

By paying the Globaljoy sourcing service fee, we will help you coordinate the activities between the supplier and you, from product sourcing, factory audits, order follow-up, quality checks, to shipping support, making bringing product from China to you easier.

Value added

Brand Yourself With Our Customized Services

  • Custom assembly and kitting designed for your product needs

  • Combine multiple products/packages into single packaged kits

  • Package your products in customized boxes, in your preferred style

  • Add marketing inserts (e.g. small gifts with branded logo) to increase your customer royalty


Would you like to find out more?

We are happy to help! Call us or write to us.

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