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We are looking to partner with international brands to assist you in overcoming the barriers that previously restricted you from entering or further developing in China. With our extensive networks across multiple platforms and operational advantages, we anticipate bringing quality products and brand experiences from all over the world to the new generation of Chinese consumers.

Effectively enter the Chinese market

A cross-border marketplace makes it possible for our clients to sell directly to Chinese consumers. The cross-border model requires our clients no longer to have a legal entity in China nor hold stock in the country.

Selling your products to marketplaces like Tmall Global or JD Worldwide is a good approach for a first experience in the Chinese market. This will provide you with a better knowledge of the regulations, understanding the local market and buying habits, language, logistics, customer service, preferred payment methods, and e-commerce events like Singles Day.

Globaljoy is the business partner you can trust and work with, who has a good knowledge of the market and helps you to run your business barrier-free in China.



Request for Information (RFI)

When you’re looking for information or you’re not sure what solution might solve your challenges, please contact us. We are a team of Chinese marketing experts, who cannot wait to accelerate your business with you!

Consulting and Advisory

A comprehensive feasibility study for your brand or products, resulting in a strategy including general e-commerce market research, competitive benchmark analysis, identifying opportunities, relevant segments and tailor proposition to target segments.

E-commerce Operations

Managing Chinese e-Commerce stores for brands across Cross-Border platforms. Full-service execution for your China Marketing & e-Commerce requirements. We take care of operations and other challenges such as the logistics, payment services and regulatory issues.

Launch Events

Supporting the official market entry and layout in China, e.g., onboarding process with Chinese E-Commerce platforms. Supporting you in the design of your Ecommerce strategy. We also take care of the localization of contents and user experience and the translation of product pages.

Ongoing Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world in China is completely different from the rest of the world and is rapidly evolving and changing. With our marketing expertise we support you to keep up with the latest marketing developments and expectations of your targeted consumers in China.



eBusiness Consulting

Know your needs

Through workshops or face-to-face meetings, we are happy to discuss your market situation and evaluate your opportunity for entering the Chinese market. We will provide a comprehensive information for you and your business on understanding the expectations and market behavior Chinese consumers, understanding the Cross-Border, payment systems and other aspects. We will advise you and work with you to develop the eCommerce strategy and implementation methods.

eCommerce Management

Service for B2B | B2C platforms

We will bring your company to the right marketplaces. Our design team will support you to create an engaging eCommerce design focused on attracting traffic and boosting your conversion.
We take care of the workflows, procedure and resources for your daily eCommerce operations. And we'll be responsible for the order fulfillment, stock strategy and packaging to increase your customer satisfaction.
Our experts ensure a proper execution of your brand strategy while fulfilling Chinese consumers expectations.

Digital Marketing

We are your brand communication partner

China is the country with the largest number of Internet users in the world. For example, WeChat, with 1 billion users, is the most used smartphone app for social networks in China. Social media and digital marketing facilitate businesses access to the Chinese e-commerce market and Chinese consumers. Leading online marketplaces and apps enable digital marketing companies to reach their target consumers.
Many successful international brands have been already benefiting from networking with Chinese customers and promoting their products. We create the customized brand story for you and position your brand most effectively in social networks and marketplaces.
We provide content management, marketing campaigns, advertising and traffic creation through storytellers, influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs).

Social Commerce

About KOL – Key Opinion Leader

Social networking is the key to successful online marketing and brand positioning in China. 97.5% of Chinese Internet users (850 million) use the smartphone for social networking. Therefore, it is the most important channel to promote your own brand and reach Chinese consumers.
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs for short) are opinion leaders who focus on a specific niche. They promote a specific brand with the charge of an operation fee or other types of remuneration. KOLs are promising because of their large number of followers and their trusted information sources.
We provide the right KOL from our network to create your ideal marketing campaign, build your brand awareness and reinforce your brand image.

Offline distribution and pricing strategy

Manageable offline market expansion

There are many more customers out there. Our specialized B2B sales team provides an effective sales strategy for all relevant channels and qualified resellers. This includes permanent price control and consistent implementation of the marketing and pricing strategy.

IT Services

Data Analytics & Reporting

We collect all relevant data and provide a comprehensive reporting including sales and marketing analysis, customer feedback reports, price and competition monitoring, promotion analysis and others to make sure all your important KPI’s are covered.


Business partners (2).png

JD Worldwide

JD is China’s leading one-stop e-Commerce platform, having over 400 million active customers.
JD Worldwide, launched in April 2015, offers international merchants the ability to tap into the Chinese market without a physical presence in China. It is particularly successful in building a large fulfilment infrastructure to deliver orders faster and more efficient for Chinese customers.
JD Singles’ Day sales during 11.11.2020 grew by 32% YoY and reached 271.5 billion yuan (US$41.02 bn) GMV.


Tmall Global by Alibaba Group

In 2014, China’s commerce giant, Alibaba, launched Tmall Global. It is the largest Chinese Cross-Border e-Commerce platform with one fourth market share. Currently, they offer more than 20,000 brands from 77 countries.
Tmall’s 11.11.2020 Singles’ Day sales reached 498.2 billion yuan (US$75.27 billion) with an increase of 26% YoY. by Alibaba Group, belongs to NetEase one of the leading technology companies in China, launched in 2015, is today the most important Cross-Border e-Commerce platform in China. Even though still young compared to its major counterparts like Tmall or JD, Kaola has been China’s leading Cross-Border e-Commerce platform with the market share of more than 25% for consecutive 6 years.


Suning Global

Suning Commerce Group, with its website, known as one of the largest privately owned retailers in China, headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu.
Suning Global ( is the Cross-Border e-Commerce mall of Suning, launched in 2014. It currently features about 300 foreign shopfronts and offers integrated logistics (4 aviation hubs, 12 automatic picking centers and 660 urban distribution centers), store operator and financial support services.
Their most popular product categories are electrical appliances and maternity & baby.




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